Shopify Stores to look out for in 2022

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Shopify is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to create an online store and sell online from a single dashboard. 

Shopify offers four standard store subscription plans, with monthly fees beginning at $29 USD. All standard plans include a branded online store and a comprehensive set of in-person and online selling tools.

What are Shopify Stores 

Shopify stores are basically online marketplaces where users can buy from a wide range of products. 

Shopify merchants can create a modern online store and sell via social media, seller markets, other blogs and websites, email, text, and chat.

10 the best Shopify Stores to look out for in 2022 and why

  1. Tentree

Tentree was founded by Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley as a way to positively contribute to climate change through commerce, inspired by their time spent in Hawaii. Tentree plants ten trees for every item sold, with an objective of planting one billion trees by 2030. It joins the ranks of other top Shopify ethically driven stores.

  1. Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage is a top Shopify store that sells vintage clothing as well as vintage-inspired modern pieces. The website is a virtual trip to the romantic French countryside. Rodellee Bas, the owner, curates and creates pieces inspired by vintage silhouettes. Rodellee is a mentor to other women in business, and Adored Vintage donates a portion of its profits to local classrooms.

  1. Artisaire

Artisaire is the epitome of a company honing and devoting itself to wax sealing. Artisaire has revived an old tradition with customized wax stamps and premade wax seals. Artisaire owns every step of the manufacturing process and manufactures all of the items in one of the best Shopify shops in its Canadian factory. The Thomsen family, who own Artisaire, still enjoys handwriting and sealing their own gratitude you notes.

  1. Rainbow Vision

Rainbow Vision was founded by artist and creative director Leela Hoehn as part of her lifelong creative journey. She "draws inspiration from people who express themselves boldly," and does so with her own printed designs for cards, planners, notepads, journals, and other small gifts. The company works with One Tree Planted and has taken various steps to become a more environmentally conscious and sustainable company.

  1. Bruvi

The goal of Bruvi was to provide the ease and convenience of single-serve at-home coffee pods while balancing its impact on the environment. It has a complete line of coffee makers as well as the coffee to go with them. The brand is committed to lowering its environmental footprint in four key areas: natural resource preservation, sustainable sourcing, responsible plastic waste management, and ethical business practices.

  1. Kulala

This e-commerce company is built around a single hero product: the Kulala Sleep Lamp. Because of smart lighting and natural melatonin, this technology is intended to help people get the most restful sleep possible. Dr. Sofia Axelrod, the lamp's creator and sleep researcher, designed the lamp and accompanying app to improve the body's circadian rhythms naturally.

  1. CocoFloss

Cocofloss is a subscription-based oral care company that sells boxes of dental floss and toothbrushes. Chrystle Cu, a dentist, and Cat Cu, an artist, founded the company to make flossing "fun, motivating, and rewarding." Each box contains new flavors, colors, and designs to keep oral care interesting.

  1. Pot Gang

Do you want to start your herb garden but don't know where to begin? Pot Gang is the only place to go. During COVID, a few people decided to try their hand at beginning their own home gardens. The UK-based subscription box will send you everything you require to grow your own herbs and vegetables, but only a little at a time so that new home gardeners are not overwhelmed.

  1. Manitoba Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks, founded in 1997 by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick and based in Manitoba, Canada, preserves and commemorates Indigenous traditions through footwear. Its Storyboot Project line is created in collaboration with Indigenous seniors and artisans. On the other hand, there are international lines made to make its shoes more accessible to a wider range of people.

  1. Partake Foods

Denise Woodard founded Partake Foods after she couldn't find allergy-friendly healthier options for her daughter, Vivane. Partake, another popular Shopify store, sells school-safe cookies in flavors such as chocolate chip, birthday cake, and ginger snaps that are completely independent of the top eight allergens, along with coloring agents, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients.

These 10 Shopify stores have created their own unique positioning in their customer’s minds. Using Shopify, they have brought out their individual set of attractive products and drawing more customer attention every day.

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