The Tekpon Podcast with Tasfia Tasbin

Mabia Alam Mim
2 mins

The amazing mompreneur Tasfia Tasbin, CEO of Markopolo AI had an insightful discussion with Tekpon. The conversation was a close look into how marketing automation can drive higher online sales for SMBs. 

Introducing Markopolo AI as the complete marketing suite, Tasbin mentioned how Markopolo can provide excellent quality of data by utilizing server-side pixel. She emphasized on how this is specifically built for small businesses and startups. There are many competitors in the marketing automation industry. However, Markopolo enables anyone to tactfully manage cross-platform ad campaigns effortlessly. The ease of using this platform saves the users from the hassle of keeping up with a ton of algorithms. 

She shared the story of the inception of Markopolo. As a freelance marketer, she faced challenges in managing the increasing number of clients during the pandemic. After speaking about this issue with Rubaiyat Farhan, the COO and co-founder of Markopolo, they both realized how the marketing needs of startups and small businesses are not being thought of properly. So, the idea of a tool that would assist such ventures with the simplest marketing solution was born! 

To answer why it’s important to talk to the customers, Tasbin revealed she used to take sales calls and talk to the customers in the early days of Markopolo. As the CEO, attending those calls and taking notes had helped her understand the pain points and where the platform had gaps in solving those. 

On the topic of whether anyone can be an entrepreneur or not, she highlighted the importance of the right mindset. She spoke about her habit of reading, active listening and communicating with people has helped her absorb and comprehend necessary interactions for making a business vision come true.

When asked about the best feature of Markopolo according to her, Tasbin shared how Ad Maker was unique in the sense of versatility. Ad Maker can help you create ads for platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. From the visual content to copies, you can generate everything with the help of AI. She didn’t forget to mention the integration of Canva for the easy and quality design within the platform! 

The conversation ended with a bit of detail about the team working to improve the platform. Although the team is small now, Tasbin plans to expand in Singapore as Markopolo has been a part of Accelerating Asia recently. The majority of the team members are software engineers from Bangladesh who have been trained to become global standard software developers using free tools and training that are readily available. She mentioned how nurturing female and youth talents has been a part of the platforms. They have been given access to the free resources so their knowledge broadens. 

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