Top TikTok Marketing Trends to Watch in 2024

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According to TikTok statistics, it will generate a staggering $14 billion in ad revenue for brands by 2026. 

One of the social media sites with the quickest growth this year is TikTok, which enables content producers to amass sizable fan networks. The most recent TikTok trends are made by them.

TikTok's nature and pushing algorithm are drawing more and more users, whether they are social media managers or content creators, to it for content creation.

On TikTok, becoming viral is much simpler than on any other social media network. Everyone wants to benefit from it as a result. You can boost your growth stats by using user-generated material, such as TikTok videos. As a marketer, you need to leverage this opportunity to get maximum awareness for your product. But how to crack the TikTok code and gain more reach? Here’s our take on the upcoming TikTok marketing trends in 2024!

Influencer marketing

Working with TikTok influencers to promote a company's goods and services is a traditional marketing strategy. TikTok, like other social media platforms, has a growing number of micro and macro-influencers with social celebrity status. As the term implies, TikTok influencers have the seductive power to sway the opinions of their enormous following. These devoted fans frequently interact with the influencer's platform material by liking, commenting, and engaging with it. Due to this loyalty, an influencer's audience is more likely to buy a good or service that the influencer strongly suggests.

It's crucial to keep in mind that you should pick an influencer whose public collaboration with your company you are proud of. Check to verify if the influencer's principles, actions, and other brand affiliations are consistent with and uphold the reputation of your company.

Create a Branded Hashtag Challenge

The creation of a branded hashtag challenge is another marketing strategy that companies can utilize on TikTok. This is when a company creates a special hashtag and requests that followers create their own content using that hashtag.

The brand will become more well-known if the hashtag has a lot of engagement, and if the hashtag challenge is a big hit, it may become viral and receive even more media coverage.

Utilize TikTok Advertising

TikTok advertising is a growing trend in social media marketing for companies. TikTok advertisements are still in their infancy, which appeals to businesses because there aren't many rivals using the platform just yet. Brands can generate a range of paid advertisements using TikTok For Business, including in-feed adverts, sponsored hashtags, and homepage banner ads. Targeting particular age brackets, demographics, geographies, and individuals who visit related material allows marketers to focus and target their ads more precisely.

Use Trending Songs

Music tends to improve everything, making it essential on TikTok. 80% of the most popular videos on TikTok in 2021 have music in them, so integrating popular songs into your videos is an important part of any TikTok marketing plan. It's not an accident if you discover that videos you make that feature popular music tend to receive more views. Your video is categorized by the TikTok algorithm, which then shows it to people who have already engaged with the relevant trend.

Create Skits

A skit is a specific kind of fast video meant to amuse or educate your audience through a play or performance. They are quite well-liked on TikTok, especially in "Karen" skits and customer service-related stories. They, however, can be helpful for certain enterprises.

If you need to explain a complicated subject, think about creating a skit. This might be an entertaining approach to discussing new goods or services, client interactions, and more.

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Trends

On the Discover tab, you can uncover popular trends, but you can also try to find emerging trends that haven't quite caught on.

You want to get in early on these trends since they are growing in popularity. Naturally, identifying these tendencies can be a little more challenging.

All of the content on your For You page has been hand-picked for you based on your interactions, engagement, and interests. The algorithm used by TikTok has chosen this.

This implies that every trend you'll notice on this page relates to the area of interest to you. Start a separate TikTok account where you follow no one, connect with no one, and choose no interests if you want to find more general trends.


Although not the newest TikTok craze, duets are still crucial for businesses to incorporate into their TikTok marketing plans.

In case you're unaware, duets are side-by-side videos that let you produce content adjacent to another user's creations. Using them, you can react to the other video, imitate it, and build a unique experience around the original material.

TikTokers enjoy listening to duets. They encourage creativity and are entertaining. Using TikTok duets is another excellent approach to benefit from other users' TikTok trends and raise your profile.

Duets are a great opportunity for businesses to present their products in a lighthearted and simple-to-understand manner. Those who use TikTok can take part in these videos, which will help them develop a stronger connection to your brand.

User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) on the majority of social networking sites is proving important for many brands. But, it can be difficult for brands to consistently provide new content. It will be simpler for them to post if they can gain from other people's content.

User-generated content, or UGC, refers to any form of content that followers or clients of a brand produce—in TikTok's instance, videos. UGC may help brands convert consumers and supporters into brand evangelists. The fact that TikTok users prefer user-generated material to official content is one of the most important benefits of such content for a company. Particularly among Generation Z, genuine people's material is significantly more trusted than that of brands.

Summing It up

This was our take on how you can use TikTok as your marketing media and create a buzz among your target audience. 

TikTok is the most widely used social network among content creators, according to social media trends. It's a significant tool to grow a sizable audience and get fame on social media.

Because of the nature of TikTok and its fast-pushing algorithm, which presents a growth possibility, a lot of brands are choosing to include TikTok in their content strategy.

You should keep up with the latest TikTok trends and prominent videos on the platform too if you want to stay current with all popular content and avoid providing your audience with monotonous content.

If you want to learn more about how keeping up with TikTok trends can benefit you, check out this post.

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