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Pipeline Coverage Analyzer

Build a predictable and efficient revenue engine

Pipeline coverage is the essential metric for aligning sales & marketing, driving rapid funnel improvement, & improving forecast accuracy. But you can't build it in Salesforce, which only shows the current value of each opportunity.

This dashboard helps you quickly stand up and operationalize pipeline coverage and will be critical to building your best-practice go-to-market team.

Brought to you by Andy Mowat, legendary GTM operator, founder, & currently head of GTM Ops at Carta.

Why is this template helpful?

  1. Align marketing and sales on the importance of pipeline, the key driver of sales success.
  2. Better forecasts.  Analyze the coverage ratios compared to previous periods to assess early if you are going to hit your targets
  3. Better future quarters.  Understand not just how you are doing on the current quarter but how future quarters are building pipeline.
  4. Better value pipeline.  If pipeline is created a few quarters out and is lost before the quarter arrives, was it really ever valid pipeline?

What metrics are included?

  1. Pipeline Coverage for this and next period
  2. Closed won
  3. Open pipeline by stage & scheduled close
  4. Win rate
  5. ACV

Why use Daydream?

Daydream is the BI tool built for Founders, Execs, & Ops.

For GTM Operators and Founders:

  1. Fast set up without data work. Connect to your Hubspot, Salesforce, and other tools in a click and get best-practice metrics.
  2. Unify your go-to-market & other efforts. Bring together all your teams and tools in one place.
  3. Make reporting a breeze. Generate written reports in 1 click so you can focus on executing.
  4. Support a culture of learning & executing quickly. Built for collaboration & async workflows with your full team that helps you quickly generate and act on insights.
  5. Intuitive and self-serve: Feels like a doc meets a spreadsheet.

Use This template