Markopolo vs AdRoll: Choose the Best Fit for Your Business?

Don’t get us wrong: AdRoll is not just a retargeting tool. However, it specializes in retargeting and is arguably the best retargeting tool. It has access to websites that even Google doesn’t have access to. So, if your business is focused solely on retargeting, then AdRoll can be an excellent choice, that’s for sure.
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What is the pain point for your target user?

Ecommerce Seller

  • eCommerce is getting more complicated as they try to grow their business with countless channels.
  • Needs to efficiently manage multiple marketplaces based sales funnel and omnichannel campaigns daily
  • Unable to recapture lost audiences

For Large Retail/FMCG/CPG Brands

  • Need to continue scaling their business in multiple eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Requires to efficiently manage multiple marketplace based sales funnel and omnichannel campaigns on hourly basis
  • Too many working hours and revenue lost in maintaining a large marketing team with a low ROI.
  • Unable to recapture lost audiences


  • Managing hundreds of campaigns in an efficient way requires machine learning based automation
  • Maximum capacity of client serving is proportionate to human resource headcount
  • Needs to best utilize client's media buying spend

How are they currently managing this?

They are using some of our competitors like Madgicx, Trapica, Adespresso and Adzooma. With walled gardens such as Apple's privacy focused barriers, 3rd party data based optimizations/targeting has become almost obsolete. Users need to harness the power of a direct and trusted relationship with their customers. It's time to design a new way to grow marketing stacks. Additionally, the need to rethink existing ad management solutions architectures' in terms of productivity and scalability of marketing teams.

Markopolo saves the day!

Markopolo is a first-party data-based marketing stack, powered by MarkTag that can recapture lost audiences across platforms due to cookie loss, ensuring a direct lift in Revenue. Currently, we're supporting omnichannel campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok and Linkedin. Perform optimizations to increase sales while lowering costs and Automate daily actions to focus on strategy.


Markopolo offers two types of plans: Self Serve and Enterprise

Self Serve:
Starter: $47/month
  • Auto Optimization
  • Automation Rules
  • Combined Dashboard
Growth: $152/month
  • Everything in starter
  • MarkTag
  • UTM Based Tracking
  • Campaign Grouping
  • Brands/Workspaces
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Adroll has two types of models. One of them is the pay-as-go for Ads package. Another one uses a dynamic pricing model for the Marketing & Ads Plus package starting from 36$/month. Basically, you’ll need to pay a specific amount of money depending on the number of unique visitors to your website. AdRoll has a very helpful ROAS Calculator, using which you’ll get a better idea of the amount which you’ll be spending, and the expected return as well. Adroll also offers an advanced package for people with large marketing needs.

If this is a good fit for your business, you should definitely go for it. But with Markopolo, you get a comprehensive AI-based ad solution at a lower price with a variety of options to choose from. 

Why Adroll?

With Adroll, businesses can target and retarget users, track performance, and measure the success of their campaigns. Additionally, the platform allows businesses to target users on social media to increase reach and engagement. 

Obviously, retargeting is the area to focus on when it comes to AdRoll. You can target 98% of the internet with AdRoll, you can target even the places where Google doesn’t have any reach. With advanced options such as geo-targeting, customer segmentation – AdRoll really takes your retargeting game up a notch.

Why Markopolo?


Mark Tag is a server-side pixel that enables the collection of first-party audience data, allowing you to bypass cookie loss and retarget your audience precisely.

With improved data, you can reach a greater number of potential customers, leading to an increase in revenue. Moreover, it is compatible with all platforms and integrates them into a direct data funnel. All the collected data is presented in a convenient dashboard, and event data can be used to create tailored audiences.

LinkedIn and Tiktok Integration

With Markopolo, you will be able to promote your brand across LinkedIn using image, text, or video ads to capture the relevant audience who are looking for solutions similar to your product.'s integration of TikTok Ads and Linkedin Ads allows businesses to reach a truly global audience and leverage powerful targeting options to reach the right people.
Automation Rules

You can set rules and conditions for your ads to make Markopolo automatically start/pause campaigns, increase/decrease bids and budgets.

You can have complete control and create custom rules for your specific campaigns, ad sets and ads so that it behaves just the way you want. We also have a prebuilt strategy section for beginners to get along with ease. Markopolo is bringing in new features every other day to make digital ad marketing easy for you. It is definitely a great option because of its specific data-driven metrics and successful audience targeting.

Manage Your Marketing Using a Single Platform

Online marketing may be time-consuming. Allow Markopolo to handle the technical aspects while you enjoy increased reach and a substantial boost. 
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