5 Best Christmas Ads of 2022

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It’s the time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner. The festive vibe is in the air, and customers are anticipating discounts and offers as usual. As for brands, it is indeed a great time to run the most creative and electrifying campaigns of the year. As a creative manager, it's both daunting and exhilarating to craft the most heart-touching mind-blowing advertisement that will effectively carve a niche in the audiences’ minds. There are some iconic advertisements that the audience remembers for a long time, some that caused a sensation, and some that really impacted society. 

It might be challenging to produce Christmas advertisements and marketing campaigns that fulfill the trends mentioned above. No worries! Because we have got your back. We have compiled 5 of the best Christmas ads from 2022 that you can take inspiration from. 

  1. Coca-cola | Holidays are Coming

Coca-cola has successfully become a part of Christmas festivity through its iconic depiction of a red truck emerging through the winter snow bringing colors, music, and the merriness of Christmas. This ad has been running for almost three decades now, and people have started associating this ad with Christmas glee. The music track “Holidays are Coming” has also been very famous among the crowd. 

Coca-cola Holidays Ad Campaign
Source: Coca-cola Great Britain

The commercial also announces the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour, inviting customers to stop by the well-known truck in towns and cities throughout the country during the holiday season. The truck will be positioned in each site in a manner reminiscent of a winter market, promising to serve the latest tagline, “Real Magic,” to focus its shift to “Experience.”

This campaign is an extraordinary example of shaping long-term relationships with customers and instigating a sense of closeness in their everyday life.

  1. Lidl | Lidl Bear

The international discount retailer chain Lidl, which operates over 11,000 stores in Europe and US, has made a heart-warming Christmas ad featuring a little girl and her dearest teddy bear. It starts with the little girl’s dad accidentally shrinking his Christmas jumper while washing it. It instantly drew the attention of her daughter, who grabbed it for her little bear without a thought. The teddy bear looked quite dashing in his new outfit. One day while roaming in the Lidl aisle, the ordinary bear got spotted in the camera and became the superstar “Liddle Bear” - the supermarket’s Christmas character. 

From fancy photoshoots to red carpet premieres, from trendy hashtags to after parties - Lidl Bear was living the days of his life submerged in superficial world fame. But fame can get in the way of what really matters. Lidl Bear soon realized this truth and returned to what really matters - Family!

Lidl Bear Ad Campaign
Source: Lidl Christmas Advert

The company not only gave out an extremely heart-warming message to the community but also launched a project called “Lidl Bear’s Toy bank,” where you can donate new toys so that every child can enjoy opening a new toy or hugging their favorite teddy bear this Christmas. 

  1. TK Maxx | Christmas Nailed

TK Maxx, a subsidiary of American apparel and home goods company TJX, has captivated the audience with its Christmas ad this year. The ad starts in a very Christmas-y setting where everyone gets awestruck at the young lady Sam who managed to get gifts for everyone by going to TK Maxx. Then, with upbeat music, eccentric music, and gushing festivity all over, the lady becomes the center of attention for all the extraordinary gifts, as put by one of the characters - “You nailed it!” 

TK Maxx Christmas Advert
Source: TK Maxx Christmas Advert

The ad has successfully captivated the audience by aligning with the positive festival energy. At the same time, it has positioned itself as a brand that gives you the best value for money. During this difficult time of financial strain, the ad just perfectly hit the spot. Who doesn’t want to shop from their loved ones from an affordable brand with “extraordinary” items? 

  1. Kroger | The Magical Cookbook

American retail company Kroger has touched us to the heart this Christmas with its exceptionally soul-stirring ad. It starts with a lonely old man suddenly discovering his late wife’s old cookbook. The handwritten recipes of his beloved wife prompted the old man to get some groceries from Krogers to make special Christmas dishes. Every bite takes him back to the memory lane - to his childhood, to the moment he first fell in love, to the first Christmas as a dad, and to many more special events. Meanwhile, his family members (presumably his grandkids) run in laughing, and they have their Christmas dinner together. The ad ends with a beautiful message saying, “Today’s holidays are tomorrow’s memories.”

Kroger Christmas Advert
Source: Kroger Christmas Advert 

Kroger’s Christmas ad is a beautiful illustration of special holidays like Christmas being dearly remembered because of the cozy moments and special memories spent with the loved ones. Besides, the ad beautifully shows how Kroger has been a part of the customers’ lives throughout their special moments. 

  1. McDonald’s | The List 

The multinational fast food chain McDonald’s has made a place in our hearts this year with a heart-warming ad showing a little boy making a long list of Christmas wishes. He keeps adding more and more wishes to the list until it becomes a long chain of papers full of colorful wishes. But the list accidentally gets blown away by the wind leaving the boy heartbroken. 

Seeing him in tears, his parents take him to the McDonald’s, where they are seen to laugh and enjoy the beautiful moments coupled with a delicious family meal. 

McDonald’s UK Christmas Advert
Source: McDonald’s UK Christmas Advert

The ad shows the boy was happy again despite his long-cherished gift list being blown away. Because the non-materialistic happiness like spending time with family supersedes all the fancy gifts and wishes. The ad associates McDonald’s with the warmth of family, with the happiness that is unparalleled to anything else.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a crucial time for brands. More than sending out a good message is required. Your marketing campaign must stand out among the crowd and reflect your brand values simultaneously. Many brands out there blow our minds every year with more creative and captivating ads than ever before. This year has also been no exception!

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