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As the cost of living keeps increasing and purchasing power keeps declining, people (especially millennials and Gen Z) are looking forward to Black Friday more than ever. When marketing to young adults, it's important to be sensitive to the cost of living crisis they're going through. As this year's shopping season is knocking at the door, your Black Friday campaigns need to stand out if you want to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

Here, we'll discuss smart, forward-thinking tactics for Black Friday campaigns with some examples.

About Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. Traditionally, it marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the USA. Every year, the date changes slightly. Black Friday is known for being the day when prices are down and great sales and discounts are offered in preparation for Christmas. Although the name Black Friday has become synonymous with joy for Christmas shoppers nowadays, the history behind the name was anything but. In the 60s, police officers in Philadelphia named the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday", due to the overcrowding, shoplifting, and all kinds of public nuisance. The term didn't become a shopping phenomenon until the 80s. What began in the USA, has now spread across borders and also became prevalent in the online sphere.

Black Friday Marketing

Heavy increase in the cost of living has affected purchasing behavior in recent years, especially for Gen Z and millennials. Black Friday sales are therefore crucial if you're aiming for that audience. As customers are eyeing Black Friday sales more than ever, your Black Friday deals will be facing serious competition. You need to be both creative in your campaigns and stay on top of your social media game if you are to survive this competition.

Some strategies for your Black Friday sales campaigns are listed below:

  • Get email addresses with pop-ups and sign-up deals.
  • Optimize your website with Black Friday in mind.
  • Integrate giveaways and free gifts.
  • Refrain from mystery deals, and put up transparent deals.
  • Use user-generated content.
  • Promote your campaigns heavily on TikTok and Snapchat.

5 best Black Friday Marketing Examples in 2022


CrowdFire is a social media management tool highly popular among marketers.

CrowdFire posts holiday marketing and Black Friday material during the Black Friday sales season and promotes them on other prominent sites.


Shopify puts up free stock photos, images, and other resources based on "Black Friday Sales". Anyone can use these great resources, Shopify customers or not.


It's a scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. Marketer's all around the world use it.

TailWind publishes tips and tricks about Black Friday sales and deals around the Black Friday period.


One of the most popular landing page tools for boosting leads, signups, and sales is Unbounce.

Unbounce is renowned for publishing "Black Friday" sales best marketing techniques, particularly for providing effective guidance on how to boost online sales in that period.


It's one of the most used social media monitoring tools out there, popular among marketers all around the world. Awario presents great deals that are useful and lucrative to marketers during the "Black Friday Sales" season.


Creating your own Black Friday campaigns that can withstand today's competition- can seem like a challenging task. Try to create a good customer experience, and make efforts to understand your customers. It will help you be relatable as well as creative in your Black Friday deals and campaigns. Hopefully, this article serves as a nice starting point for you in that regard.

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