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If you are seeking to expand your e-commerce business, you may have heard of Markopolo.ai, a platform that promises to automate and optimize your marketing campaigns across multiple channels. How does it compare to Facebook Ad Manager, one of the world's most popular and extensively used advertising platforms?

In this blog post, we will compare the features and benefits of the two platforms in order to assist you in determining which one best suits your requirements.

The Platforms

Markopolo.ai is a platform that offers a 360° marketing solution for e-commerce businesses. It allows users to create and manage campaigns across multiple platforms, such as Meta, Google, TikTok, and LinkedIn, with the help of an AI-powered creative assistant. It also provides advanced analytics and optimization features to help users achieve higher returns and conversions from their ad spend.

The Facebook Ad Manager is a comprehensive platform that empowers advertisers to design and execute ad campaigns on Facebook and its affiliated networks, including Instagram and Messenger. It provides a range of features for precise targeting, budget allocation, bidding strategies, and ad experimentation, along with advanced analytics and performance tracking tools to enhance campaign optimization.

This brings us to the elephant in the room - which platform is better for your business? Well, here are some factors you should consider while making your choice - 

Ease of use

Markopolo.ai aims to simplify the process of creating and running ads for e-commerce businesses. It has a user-friendly interface that guides users through each step of setting up a campaign, from choosing a goal and a platform to designing creatives and selecting audiences.

Users can also access preset templates and audiences based on their industry and product type. Markopolo.ai claims that users can launch their first campaign in less than 15 minutes.

Facebook Ad Manager is a more complex tool that requires more knowledge and experience in online advertising. Users have to navigate through multiple menus and options to create and manage their campaigns. Users also have to manually set up their pixel code and events to track conversions and retarget audiences. Facebook Ad Manager offers more flexibility and control over the ads, but it also has a steeper learning curve.

Features and functionality

Markopolo.ai boasts several features that differentiate it from other ad platforms. Some of these features are:

  • MarkTag: A server-side pixel that assigns a lifetime ID to each website visitor, allowing users to accurately attribute conversions and retarget audiences across platforms.
  • Creative Assistant: An AI-powered tool that helps users generate engaging copy and visuals for their ads, based on their product description and keywords.
  • Cross-platform integration: A feature that enables users to create and manage campaigns across multiple platforms from one dashboard, with automatic optimization and synchronization.
  • Advanced dashboard: A feature that provides users with comprehensive and exportable reports on their campaign performance, with insights and recommendations for improvement.

Facebook Ad Manager also offers a range of features that make it a powerful ad platform. Some of these features are:

  • Audience Network: A network of third-party apps and websites that display Facebook ads, expanding the reach and impact of the campaigns.
  • Dynamic Ads: A feature that automatically shows relevant products or services to people who have expressed interest in them on or off Facebook.
  • Creative Hub: A tool that allows users to test and preview different ad formats and creatives before launching them.
  • Split Testing: A feature that allows users to compare different versions of their ads or campaigns to see which one performs better.

Pricing and value

Markopolo.ai offers a 7-day free trial, after which you can choose from two categories of subscriptions - Self Serve and Enterprise. The pricing tier for the self-serve category is - Starter ($47/month) and Growth ($152/month). The Enterprise category of subscription is specially made for B2B clients and has three tiers of pricing - Starter ($999/month), Growth ($1999/month), and Evolution ($2999/month).

Each tier comes with different features and limits on the number of campaigns, platforms, ad spend, and users. 

Facebook Ad Manager does not charge any fees for using the tool. Users only pay for the ads they run on Facebook and its partner networks. The cost of the ads depends on various factors, such as the objective, the audience, the bidding strategy, the quality score, and the competition.

Users can set a daily or lifetime budget for their campaigns, as well as a bid cap or a cost cap to control their spending. Facebook Ad Manager also offers various discounts and incentives for advertisers who meet certain criteria or participate in certain programs.


Markopolo.ai and Facebook Ad Manager serve distinct purposes and cater to varying requirements and inclinations of e-commerce advertisers. Markopolo.ai is ideal for those seeking an uncomplicated and automated solution that streamlines campaign creation and management across multiple platforms with minimal input.

On the other hand, Facebook Ad Manager is better suited for those who desire greater adaptability and authority over their ads and possess more proficiency in online advertising.

How does Markopolo stack up against Google Ads? Check out this post and find out.

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