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Mabia Alam, Tasnim Hasan, and Shubhagoto Joy
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One of the best ways to reach your audience or prospective customers is to think like them. A well-thought-out marketing funnel lets you design your marketing communication in the most efficient way.

Now that we are moving to a world where we automate marketing, how can you create the best marketing funnel? How do you ensure your marketing activities are using a data-driven approach to stick to the funnel? Why do you even need a marketing funnel?

In this article, we have a detailed discussion just for you. You will also find a guide on how to use Markopolo for your particular funnel.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Visualize a funnel. It’s like a cone, right? The top part is quite wide, and it gradually narrows down.

Think about your marketing activities. You target a broad audience. They get to know you. A part of these people shows interest in the value you are offering, but not all of them consider choosing your brand. Of those who chose you, a portion of them search more and finally some of them decide to purchase your product/service.

Do you notice how the number got smaller along the way? A marketing funnel is this whole journey that your audience goes through to convert to your customer. From how and where they find you to the process of evaluating your utility to finally picking you, a customer passes multiple touchpoints.

You have to make sure your strategies and content are designed keeping the needs of the different stages in mind. In each step of the customer, they have different levels of expectation. They move to the next stage only when they are engaged and certain enough after their experience with the current stage.

A marketing funnel with different stages
A Typical Marketing Funnel

Why do you need a Marketing Funnel?

You can plan, prioritize, and carry out your marketing strategy with the support of a marketing funnel. By using a marketing funnel, you can maximize the results of your advertising efforts and develop a strategy to develop your business.

Customers will explore a product, look for customer testimonials, and start comparing it to alternatives before making a purchasing choice since there is so much content instantaneously available online. With a marketing funnel, you get to make sure that you reach your customers in every touchpoint.

Your funnel will also help to determine who to target and with what content you should do so. Your funnel will give you a unified strategy to follow for both long-term and short-term success.

Essentials to Get Started With

Before we jump on the basics of creating a funnel using Markopolo.ai, we must go through some must-haves.

  1. Set up your Facebook Ad account for your business page. Create a Facebook Ad Account to Advertise with Ads Manager | Meta Business Help Center
  2. Set up your Meta Pixel. How to Set Up and Install a Facebook Pixel | Meta Business Help Center.
  3. Set up your Google ad Account. Open a Google Ad Account in 2 minutes!⚡
  4. Set up Google tags with conversion. https://youtu.be/pSBOD92zUhs
  5. Connect your ad account with Markopolo

Create a Marketing Funnel with Markopolo


TOFU means the Top of the Funnel. This is where your prospective customers find your brand, information about who you are, and what you offer. This is the broadest stage, and you need to ensure proper consistent communication to reach the right people.

Objectives to Keep in Mind and Why

Your goal in this stage is to create awareness and a sense of consideration. For the digital media paid campaigns, you are to use objectives like Brand awareness, Reach, Engagement, Video views, Website traffic etc. Depending on the information on your ads, you should select these objectives to make sure you show up when someone is looking for the value your brand can provide.

Actions You Should Take

To help you achieve your goals in this portion of the funnel, Markopolo has three amazing features you can utilize. Here’s how and why these will be useful to you:

Audience Maker:

To ensure you reach the right people, you have to target the right people through your ads. We recommend doing thorough research about your customers and having multiple personas noted down. Create content that suits each persona and create an audience very easily using our Audience Maker.

Markopolo’s Audience maker comes with the option of importing already created audiences from Facebook, choosing from our advanced presets or creating an audience from scratch. You can sculpt the perfect audience by selecting proper keywords from AI suggested keywords, you can also search for your desired keywords. For Google, you can add custom keywords as well.

Markopolo also allows you to create pixel and non-pixel-based lookalike audiences. Be sure to include proper location information!

Ad Maker:

In this particular stage you will need to reach people via search ads, display ads or carousel ads. as we have mentioned before, make sure these ads are informative or lead to better information about your brand.

Creating an appealing ad that converts is no longer difficult. You can get the perfect caption ready by generating this with our AI generator. Simply add the keywords, select the language and tone and you will be able to generate your caption automatically. once you are done with that you can design your creative with Canvas or upload an existing one and see a preview of the ad that you have created.

Campaign Maker:

One campaign can have multiple ads in it. Those can be published on multiple platforms. having cross platform campaigns simultaneously can be a great strategy to make sure you create the top-of-mind awareness. Lucky for you, Markopolo lets you create campaigns for all platforms at the same time. you can select different objectives and audiences for each campaign. you can review your budget, schedule or publish and leave the rest to Markopolo to get you the best results.


Now that we have created a base of awareness, you'll focus on the middle of the funnel audience. These people already know about your brand. It's also very likely that they are comparing different competitors of yours. You will be working on a strategy that could make sure that they consider your brand seriously or convert as a customer of yours.

Objectives to Keep in Mind and Why

While publishing campaigns or ads at this stage, you will be utilizing objectives such as messages, conversions, lead generation, app installs and engagement. You're going to want to include very specific call to actions audience get to not towards what they can do next.

Actions You Should Take

You have already ran some ads as a part of the beginning of the funnel. you should have enough data to retarget properly. Now you can use Markopolo for retargeting those who have already shown interest.

If you look at the list of preset audiences, you will see the frequency and the amount of activity for each audience. You can select whichever is best for you to add as a part of a campaign. You can also use Google ads data Facebook's pixel data to retarget and create lookalike audience.

A very excellent addition, in this case, would be in, in this case, dynamic ads. These make sure there is human touch and engagement in the ads, which persuades the audience to convert.

Objectives for Different Stages in the Marketing Funnel
Objectives for Different Stages in the Funnel


After all these activities you have finally reached the bottom of the funnel. This is where your audience will be very narrow, and you are going to target them aggressively.

You have to ensure that along with brand awareness and a good idea of why they should choose you over other competitors, your customers are entirely focused on purchasing what your brand is offering. Including offers and testimonials is a great way of sealing the conversion deal.

Objectives to Keep in Mind and Why

Your ads and campaigns of this step revolving around creating a credible list of leads and converting them into your customers. make sure your content includes a message to purchase, book or visit your store.

Actions You Should Take

Your main action about here is to create consistent ads and campaigns, which you can easily do using Markopolo as we have mentioned before. besides this you can use our Dashboard to measure your success.  You can create custom metrics and goals to keep track of your valuable KPIs without breaking a sweat.

You can also create specific Automation Rules on Markopolo for particular actions. Along with our 24/7 optimization, these rules will help pinpoint and achieve desired goals.

Monitoring and Reviewing

When monitoring and reviewing, it is crucial to assess both qualitative and quantitative data insights to get an idea about your customers’ requirements. Quantitative metrics help you understand how each stage of your funnel is performing, but by asking customers for feedback—and giving them room to elaborate—you can identify ways to improve your marketing funnel.

While analyzing all the metrics is important, it’s also beneficial to assess your organization’s past data to determine your future goals.

By keeping your customer journey in mind and emphasizing data gathering that helps you understand your customers, you’ll be able to provide them with the best possible product experience.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide was helpful for you, now ace your marketing and enjoy!

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