Taking over in the Footwear Industry: Fahmida Islam

Fahmida Islam
2 mins

I am Fahmida Islam, Co-founder, Creative Director, and Chairperson of La Mode BD. Addtionally, I am also the founder of Growth Guided. Being in the fashion industry for over a decade now I have decided to leverage my experience and expertise to help those who require guidance to leave an impact.

Like many of you, I always had a dream of owning something of my own. And to make it a reality I have come across numerous situations that have given me clarity as to in which way I wanted to build up my business. One of the focal points for me was to form a business that creates products with a purpose. After doing my diploma in Circular fashion, it gave me clarity on how to navigate; my business in the long run.

Some of you may already be familiar with the concept of circular fashion, but if not, don't worry about it. Even I was unaware of it at one point. But the good part of Circular fashion is that the chances of creating wastages are lower than the usual approach. This method aims to eliminate waste and design products that can be recycled and decomposed when they are no longer functional. Suppose a shirt is being made, and the materials required to make; the garment are sourced entirely from natural resources, such as cotton.

And the product is manufactured with the idea that any waste created is not detrimental to the environment. Moreover, if the product is no longer usable, it may be readily recycled for another purpose; or it can be simply decomposed into nature without causing particular damage. And as a brand, we want to follow the circular fashion system where we can accomplish our goal of “What we take from nature should be given back to nature”.

To ensure this, we have been working towards it relentlessly. Now there are a lot of aspects of making a business model, nothing can be done single-handedly. From production, manufacturing, recycling, and decomposing. Each of these plays a crucial role in making a circular fashion model work properly. Because one cannot coexist without the other. Each of these aspects is crucial in developing an eco-friendly business environment.

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