What was new in 2022: Better Campaign Flow

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Shaikh Nahian
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2022 has been the year of new upgrades and integrations for Markopolo. We've changed up the UI, restructured workflows, and made a bunch of new additions to our app based on user reviews and feedback. A new and improved campaign flow and the newly added lead generation form- are two significant improvements we made this year.

Better Campaign Flow

Based on the suggestions and feedback we from our users, we have built a whole new campaign flow from scratch. We have incorporated TikTok campaigns alongside Google, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns- with LinkedIn on the way.

The new campaign flow also offers you to choose from 3 types of campaigns:

  • Normal Campaign
  • Creative A/B Testing Campaign
  • Audience A/B Testing Campaign

This first one is for regular campaign creation, and the second one lets you keep the audience fixed for different ad sets while changing the creatives- to test their performance.

The third one lets you have the creatives fixed in different ad sets while changing the audiences- to see which one performs better.

The campaign is structured with Ad sets, where every ad set contains audiences and creatives. We also re-did the UI for the campaigns section- making it much more comprehensive. 

Lead Generation Form

We have brought in a new lead form flow in our Facebook lead generation campaigns that's much more robust and comprehensive.

Advertisers can gather data about prospects straight from mobile ads by using Facebook's lead ads.

Instead of directing traffic to a landing page where they have to manually fill out a form, users can simply click on the ad to get to the form. The basic information (name and email) gets pre-populated, users fill in the rest, and then click the submit button.

To set up your lead ads in Markopolo:

  • First, head over to the Campaigns Section and click on Create Campaign.
  • Choose Facebook as the platform and click Continue.
  • Select Lead Generation as your goal and click Continue.
  • Then choose what type of campaign you want to run and click Continue. You will be directed to the page where you set up your ad sets. Here you will see the option for creating the lead form. Click on that.
  • First, you have to put up a name for the form.
  • You will see 4 sections in the form- Intro, Questions, Privacy, and Completion. You have to go into each section and fill them up.
  • In the intro section, you will be asked to put up background images, greeting texts, etc.  Also, remember to tick/untick the Allow Organic Lead option based on your preference.
  • In the questions section, you set up the questions you want to put up in order to get data from prospects who click the ad.
  • In the privacy section, you provide the link to your business's privacy policy.
  • In the completion section, you will set up a page thanking the prospects for submitting the form and also put up the CTA (call-to-action) button.
  • Once you're done filling everything up, click Save and you are done!
How to create a lead form for ad


With the improvements made to the campaign flow and lead form flow, it's now easier than ever to build campaigns and Facebook lead ads in Markopolo. Do not miss out on this opportunity, get onboard with Markopolo and put your digital marketing on autopilot!

Also, check out this post to see how we improved on the Shopify side of things.

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